Rusty and Maja

Upcoming Performances


~Part Kitchen Party, Part Cabaret~

Mahtay Café
Address: 241 St Paul St., St Catharines, ON L2R 3M7

Date: Sunday, January 22nd, 2023
Time: 2:00 PM – Doors Open- 3:00PM – First Set
Admission: Pay What You Can, $20 includes CD

What Audiences are saying..

“Many, many years ago — time goes by so fast that it’s hard to recall specific dates — the hottest voice in town was that of Maja Bannerman. Quirky, irrepressible, constantly surprising — and the only artist you could possibly compare her to was Mary Margaret O’Hara. On Saturday afternoon — one of the last sunny days this year, alas — she and her partner Rusty Mccarthy launched a brand new album at a matinee performance at the Monarch in Toronto. This is to say that she is as beautiful as she was, she sings as brilliantly, and her theatrical, witty persona remains the same. What a wonderful afternoon, what a joyful record! She is an artist not to be missed…” – Richard Flohil

“Rusty McCarthy and Maja Bannerman read each other’s minds…what joy to listen to them!” – Joanne Smale, Planet3

“Rusty & Maja are amazing, versatile, awesome, creative, funny. A pleasure to watch and listen to. SOLID ROCKIN’” – Liz

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