How do you make GUTSY, EMOTIONAL, and RAW a fun time?

Enter Maja Bannerman & Rusty McCarthy on stage at Mahtay Cafe and Lounge with their musician friends: Steve Goldberger & Dave Norris (Niagara Rhythm Section), Beth Bartley & Mark Clifford (Vox Violins).

From fading love, to facing love head on, the pair tackle the art of living boldly in a today’s complex world.McCarthy is as at home, sliding along acoustic strings as leaning deep into the blues on his electric guitar. Bannerman’s performance art, invited us on a roller coaster ride of teenage angst, lusty mature desire, self doubt and bold feminist satire.

Still burning bright as accomplished artists, the pair acted out one musical vignette after another:

They ignited sparks among the library stacks, turning the Dewey Decimal system into a seductive dance.

They duelled each other in auditions for a prized place with the Canadian Opera. Goldberger pulled out his “applause-o-meter” measuring the audience reaction to that competition.

Senior humour was sprinkled in liberally from jokes about needing to use paint primer as makeup foundation, working around senior nap time, physiotherapists, and conserving vital brain wattage.

Don’t be thinking lack lustre. These two are not that. Bannerman channels Marilyn Monroe and has some Mick Jagger moves to boot. This is energy we all should aspire to in our later decades of life.

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