FRIENDS SINCE THEIR TEEN YEARS, Rusty and Maja have collaborated on various music and performance projects since the late 1970s. As a duo, their shows are performance driven and blend a variety of musical styles, spoken word, creative movement and a dash of audience participation. On March 13th they released the first  song from their premiere album Rusty & Maja ~ Part Kitchen Party ~ Part Cabaret;  A musical merry go round of both original and classic pop songs delivered with delight and attitude! 

Rusty & Maja first met in Sault Ste. Marie in the late 1960s. Both moved to Toronto and each established careers in music and performance. Rusty, worked mostly with Mary Margaret O’Hara, and Maja balanced leading a band with touring Canada as a performance artist. Over the years they occasionally performed together at festivals including the Mariposa Music Festival (Toronto), Wawa Music Festival, Rotary Festival (Sault Ste.Marie) and other venues in Toronto and northern Ontario.

After meeting up again in 2013 at a concert in Sault Ste.Marie, Rusty and Maja decided to work together on an album of her songs. In 2017 Maja celebrated the launch of her CD Signs of Life. Rusty produced, arranged and played on a majority of this 15 song album. Since then Rusty has released 3 of his own CDs  bringing his catalogue to a total of 13 albums.

Then, during the summer of 2018, the winds shifted and something called love made its way into the hearts of Rusty and Maja. As “Junior Seniors”, their friendship deepened and this creative team was born!

In addition to their debut album as a duo, Rusty & Maja are also  touring/presenting two independent shows: 

THIS IS ANNE ~ Older & Wiser ~, a performance created and compiled from L.M. Montgomery’s books with Maja as Anne Shirley Blythe in her 60s looking back on her life. This intimate, reflective¬† portrayal is supported with Rusty’s original incidental music and song.

Great Lakes Nocturnes, inspired by Rusty’s instrumental compositions and CD of the same name, is a multi-arts presentation that includes pre-recorded and live music, painting, contemporary dance and spoken word. Audiences have declared it a visual and audio treat.

Meanwhile, back at home in St.Catharines,  Rusty and Maja have been busy creating videos for their offbeat, quirky variety shows, songs from their album and Rusty’s sublime instrumentals.

Eager to perform for you live or online, Rusty & Maja invite you to visit this website or their other social media to be in the know and to be in touch!

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