Call me on the phone, tell me to come home
The hotel sheets are cold and I don’t want to be alone
Everybody wants to tell you
What I’ve been doing at nights
I don’t want to hear about it,
I just want you to hold me tight

It’s the way you pick me up
And then you put me down
It’s hard to keep my head up, you know,
And my two feet on the ground
Everybody is advising me,
Lorraine she says I’m a fool For loving you the way I do
And letting you make all the rules.

Call me on the phone
Call me
I just want to talk to you

You’ve been seen downtown making the rounds
I just sit in my hotel room trying to calm myself down
I don’t care where you’ve been
I didn’t mean to walk out
I don’t care who you’ve been with
Wasn’t trying to say good bye
Just needed some kind of holiday
Your the best friend that I’ve had yet



She gets up in the morning off to work by nine
She’s got a job in record store
Across the county line
She don’t ever worry things are going fine
The world is coming up roses that’s why she’s always smilin’.

Life is sweet for Rikky and Margarite

Rikky never felt lucky nothin turned out right
He was always pushing and pulling
At the fabric of his life
He was always worried till finally one night
He met the Margarite in a record store
And it changed his life


Get up in the morning off to work by nine
Need to save every penny every nickel every dime
Life has a few surprises and baby’s doing fine
The world is coming up roses bloom is on the vine



People say I’m old school
Yeah I like to have my fun
I’ve got some cool moves
Maybe I’ll show you some
I like the way your hair hangs down
And the way you move those hips around
It’s time to get serious baby lets fool around

I got some some moves I could share with you
But you best beware mama didn’t raise no fool
I want a commitment before I take the fall
I want to know my heart is safe and sound
It’s time to get serious – lets fool around

Shake it don’t break it
You know we can make it
Cuz the feelings just right
I feel good like I knew I would
So lets get down tonight
Gonna scream it to the neighborhood
Till the morning light Hey hey hey hey hey

Go to a party on the other side of town
Thought id try my luck when you were not around
It didn’t matter, no matter how I tried
I couldn’t forget you girl so I just decide
Your such a hound dog I can hear you howl
But I got u beat cuz I’m the cats meow
I’ll teach you a few tricks right here and now
Roll over Rover go and get that ball
It’s time to get serious – lets fool around



I like to walk down the street
Eyes peeled not out of reach
High heeled well I’m ready to go
See you against the wall
And I want to know how your atoms fall
In love or work or play
We could talk science all day
Up-oh Whoo-hoo science all day

When I saw you on the street
I said yes we’ve got to meet
So I worked into the night
To get my sweet love potion right

I like the stratosphere here
Snappy currents zapping through the air
Me I’m sliding on the Milky Way
It’s laws that make me real
But its just you that makes me feel
Like I could come and go all day
Right here or out on the bay
Up-oh Whoo-hoo science all day

Locked inside my room at night
Working on a prototype
I’ve build rockets to the moon
But I can’t make sweet love to you
I like the WIFI here all the signals loud and clear
It’s rocket science all the way
Seeing you in outer space
Come on down lets get face to face
I think we can have a ball
It’s you and me after all
Up-oh Whoo-hoo science all day

Love equals Mc2
Makes me pull out all my hair
What’s this feeling that I feel
My head is spinning round and round

Yeah science all day


Sometimes I’m hanging out, ticking time
Down at the juke joint late at night
Hanging in the corner I don’t catch no eye
I’m a wallflower I’m a little bit shy

Come and gone
Waiting for my baby to show up
Been a long lonely night
Come and gone
Waiting for my baby to show up
Then I know it’ll be alight

I’m outside looking in you’re inside looking out
It’s time to make it clear
So you don’t have any doubt
Gonna stride thru that door dance right next to you
You don’t need to be alone cuz I’m a wallflower too


I lean in and touch your sleeve
I see you need company
Stay on this wall all night
I’m a wallflower and I’m digging it right



The moon is out tonite
The stars are shinning bright
It’s Halloween in my soul
The tide is rising inside of me
I’m a werewolf howling at the moon

Baby I Love you crazy
And I want you to be mine
Baby I Love you crazy
Nearly all of the time

Doctor doctor
There’s something wrong with me
I got this feeling in my soul
Every time I see that man
I just go and lose control


I just want to get close to you
I don’t want to touch
I Just want to talk to you
It’s not gonna hurt that much



Come on honey I need a new dress
The one I got is just a mess
I need a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes
And a new bag by Gucci too

What makes her happy
Is gonna make me blue

Baby diamonds are a girls best friend
With matching earrings is the latest trend
There’ll be no more huggin’ and kissin’ you
So hand over that card and toot a loo


Huh! I love our little Sunday drives
In a new Mercedes we can do it in style
And why cant we buy a new house soon
I’m not asking for the Moon



I got lot of natural rhythm, helps me keep the beat
There is no dance I cant do I think she’s jealous of me
Cuz she yells you gotta stop
Rusty Get back in your seat

You can’t take the boogie
You can’t take the boogie
You can’t take the boogie
You can’t take the boogie
Can’t take the boogie out of the man
Honey that’s down right mean

When I start to moving I get up on my feet
I’m a shuffling and swingin’ to that boogie beat
Then I hear her yellin’ Rusty get back in your seat


Baby you’re so good lookin’ but you’re downright mean
I must of been mistaken when I thought you so sweet
You wont let me rock and roll to that boogie beat



I looked for love for years, I knocked on doors,
It wasn’t there and so I put my heart away.
I found love of a different sort,
The kind you find when you go offshore,
The kind you find far from home

I used to wonder
what makes the world go round
I liked to think that it’s something profound

I put on my sailor suit,
I swore I’d sail till I met you
And now here you are
You taught me how to swim,
How to love how to live
And now, now here we go


We called our hearts our home
And that left us free to roam and so we did.
Around the world in 80 days oh to outer space
And back again and now, oh now we know…


(Now we know it’s a chemical compound)

Round and round..


I find myself alone tonight Traveling at the speed of light
Heading down this country road. Babe I didn’t want to go
But It seems there was somethings wrong
We blew off course in a summer storm
We didn’t see eye to eye Two wrongs don’t make a right
Moving at the speed of sound
I don’t know where I’m bound

I’m a moving on, I’m a moving

See the way the seasons change
Every heartbeat melts away
In and out of these lonely rooms
Our love just came too soon
Every fortune has a fate. But for us, it was too late
Every story has an end
You turn the page and dream again
Counting down the miles I’ve gone
Say hello to the rising sun


I find myself alone tonight Traveling at the speed of light
How I got here I think you know, Babe I didn’t want to go
See the stars up in the sky a million dreams on this ride




I love you and you love me
And that’s the way it’s gotta be
And we hang around cuz we be-long
I’ve got a funny voice
You play guitar like you’ve got no choice
And we hang around and play our song
I like it when you sing this song
It makes me happy all day long
All my troubles fade when you look my way
You are big and I am small
We don’t have much but we have it all
Every thing that we need

At night when I’m sleeping you are in my dreams
I watch the stars go reeling till the sun comes up again

Some where down the road
Life will come and it will go
Turn around start again
I love you and you love me
That’s the way its gotta be
Hang around cuz we be-long
I’ve got a funny voice
Play guitar like you’ve got no choice
Hang around Sing our song (repeat 3x’s)
Play our song Sing our song


She was working in the grocery store
I bumped into her to see a little more
My name is FUN I said and cracked a smile
She gave me a wink and sashayed up the aisle
There was something about him A je ne sais quoi
I liked his smile and the way he TALKED
My name is RED I said and gave my hip a slap
Why don’t you meet me after work out back

Junk and Juice go out and play
Fell in love and that’s the way it stayed
People see us singing and they always say
Part kitchen party – Part cabaret

We honeymooned in Paris went to the louvre
We rode a gondola in Venice too
Life is short so they do say
But a little bit love goes a long way
He put a ring on my finger a smile on my face
I don’t regret a single day
It was a blessing a sweet twist of fate
And things happen for a reason they say

Hey hey qu’est-ce que c’est?
Don’t let your troubles get in the way
Every day can be a sunny day
Junk and juice will chase those blues away

All Around the world we go
People are happy when we put on our show
There is a lesson we can share with you
We believe in love, don’t you?

L – O – V – E



Part kitchen party – Part cabaret

I Want A Man

I want a man to hold me
To gently unfold me
Take me to the Valley Inn
Confess the state I’ve got him in

I want a man to kiss me
Be strong enough to say when he misses me
Touch my cheek, and touch my hair
Touch my lips and there

I want a man to love me
Walk on the beach and talk with me
But I have studied the grains of sand
There’s much in life we can not plan


I want a man

I want a man to hold me
To gently unfold me
Take me to the Valley Inn
Confess the state I’ve got him in

I want a man to love me
Walk on the beach and talk with me
But I have studied the grains of sand
There’s much in life we can not plan

I want a man


I met her at the Library she was shy so pretty
Reading a book of poetry by Leonard Cohen
I love the Dewey Decimal System, it has a very sexy rhythm
You’ll find me in the classics section
Where true lovers make a connection
I introduced myself told a few lies
She closed her eyes and fantasized
He’s the answer to my dreams
My knight in shining armour

It took a while to discover
You can’t judge a book by its cover
What is written between the lines
May not be a happy en-ding

At her house candles were burning
At the bedroom door I felt a yearning
I want to read him my poetry
He is my soul mate I can see
I want us to take it slowly
One day I know it will be matrimony
I want to lie her down on the bed
I have a different story in my head


Mommy raised me a good girl
But this man is driving me crazy
I don’t want to give him my flower so soon
But this wine is making me woozy
I’ve always been a bad guy
Sometimes a sad guy
But look at the hour
I must pluck this delicate flower



He’s not so good in a crowd But when you get him alone
You’d be surprised
He isn’t much at a dance But then he takes you home
You’d be surprised
He doesn’t look like much of a lover
Don’t judge a book by its cover
He’s got the face of an angel
But there’s a devil in his eyes

He’s such a delicate thing But when he starts to squeeze
You’d be surprised
He doesn’t look very strong But when you sit on his knee
You’d be surprised
At a party or at a ball I’ve got to admit
He’s nothing at all But in a modest chair
You’d be surprised

He doesn’t say very much But when he starts to speak
You’d be surprised
He’s not so good at the start But at the end of the week
You would be surprised

On a streetcar or in a train
You’d think he was born Without any brain
But in a taxicab
Taxi cab
when he starts to grab
I said a taxicab
Starts to grab what..

You’d be surprised


Under my thumb The Boy who once had me down
UMT The boy who pushed me around
It’s down to me The difference in the clothes he wears
Down to me, the change has come, under my thumb

Every time I’m chillin’ out
She wants to go another round
There’s only so much a man can do,
And what kind of man bakes a cake anyway

UMT The squirmin’ dog who’s just had his day
UMT A man who has just changed his ways

UMT A Siamese cat of a man

I’m out shopping with a friend
And she’s calling me again
You better pick more lickor up
And you better by home by 10

UMT my thumb the sweetest, pet in the world


I can’t be a perfect man
But I’ll do the best I can
I try to get it right
Cuz you know she’s the boss tonight


Imagine me and you, I do
I think about you day and night it’s only right
To think about the girl you love
And hold her tight So happy together
If I should call you up Invest a dime
And you say you belong to me
And ease my mind
Imagine how the world could be
So very fine So happy together

I can’t see me loving nobody but you for all my life
When you’re with me Baby the skies will be blue
For all my life

This is the story of how we got together,
How we fly in all kinds of weather,
Whether happy or sad, good or bad
Every day hey hey and each and every night
I would go through snow and sleet
Or a tropical storm to find a place to meet
I would wonder the world
And get wet to the skin
To find the place that your living in.


Me and you And you and me
No matter how they tossed the dice
It had to be The only one for me is you
And you for me so happy together



I’m like George Sand, I dress like a man
And I smoke the occasional cigar
Look there’s Erik Satie, looking very natty
In his velvet, his handkerchief and scarves
He’s got his own religion,
you can’t go in his kitchen
He’ll only meet in salons and the bars

Oh everyone wants to be Bohemian
It’s the latest thing if you wanna be in
Everyone wants to be Bohemian
They just don’t want you for their next of kin…

I snubbed Jane Avril, a model for the surreal
They say I’m jealous but I’m not.
I painted some spumoni, critics said my art’s baloney
I’ll just collage them on the spot.

I met P. Picasso, he’s really such a you know
But he had a unique point of view
He went thru all these phases, painting what he pleases
The critics rave…It’s just cubes and blue


We had the Group of Seven, now they’ve all gone onto heaven
But they knew Algoma’s where it’s at
Rocks and trees and water….happy artists, happy otters
Yes they knew Algoma is the tops!

Carr lived in a trailer rented rooms to sailors
And painted like no one ever did
Churches, trees and totems, Boy she really showed ‘em
In Canada… Bohemia Lives!


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